Bentley Fortune Ambassador Program

The Bentley Fortune Affiliate Program allows participants (Customers, Influencers, and Supporters) to partner with the Bentley Fortune brand in unique ways in order to either increase brand awareness for their brand our Bentley Fortune, increase sales for their brand or Bentley Fortune, Access to sponsorship opportunities and more!

The two affiliate programs we have at the moment are:

  1. The Outreach Program – The is where our internal marketing team handpicks a specific induvial(s) or group to wear our clothing as a complimentary offer or sponsorship. This selection is done entirely by our marketing team and is solely based on influencer status, your community impact, industry, brand, or career status, along with other factors.

If, you feel as if you may meet the criteria of our “Outreach Program”, you may email us at [email protected].

  1. The Brand Ambassador Program – This program allows participants to partner with the Bentley Fortune brand as external promoters and earn revenue through commissioned sales. You will receive your ear personalized link after approval, which can be used generate and track your sales. Ambassadors also have the opportunity to join our global street team, travel with us, and get access to VIP experiences and channels.

Feel like you’re ready to be a part of our Affiliate team?

Use the form below to send a request and possibly be selected as a part of our external marketing team and earn revenue, win prizes, gain exclusive access to promotional offers and more!