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Press Releases


Bentley Fortune occupies a special space in the luxury world, offering customized ready-to- wear apparel, bags, shoes, and accessories that cater to the demands of a diverse clientele. Our motivation behind launching a luxury brand stemmed from the idea of incorporating an element of excitement and creativity into an otherwise regular fashion piece.

We’ve always been clear in outlining our approach to fashion – the creation of an exuberant yet unpretentious luxury item that is bound to turn heads in its direction. Our pieces radiate unparalleled energy that transcends the basic definition of ‘style’. Just ‘clothes’ or ‘shoes’ are… boring. We’re here to add a dash of dream, some passion, and a whole lot of creativity to them! Hopefully, they’ll resonate with you, and you’ll inevitably gravitate towards our diverse range.

Moreover, there is always a plethora of new trends waiting to be discovered. But we believe that fashion, at its core, rarely changes. Of course, it evolves on various other levels. Over time, some new trends and styles emerge while others resurface.

If we take a close look at the world’s fashion trends over the last couple of decades, an evident pattern makes for an interesting ebb and flow. Our brand aims to achieve that sense of timelessness with each fashion piece we present to you. Creating something that is inspired and inspiring others in the industry is the cycle upon which the essence of our label is founded.

Bentley Fortune has never been about sheer fashion or just a collection of products that underscore superficial glamour- our objective is to give meaning to what we deliver. There is more than what meets the eye.

We’ve successfully garnered attention from a variety of customers with diverse demographics. The fact that several renowned celebrities endorse our label is another testament to its irrefutable appeal.


Another aspect we believe is a feather in our cap is unpredictable with our line. Bentley has been consistently different (love the irony there), setting the stage with exceptional fashion accessories making a bold statement, one after the other. Our craft lies in the Bentley Fortune

Collection, Made to Wear; each unique piece reflects the intent and entails a story that gives an insightful peep into it.

In addition to the elements of ingenuity and surprise, our collections are also famed for their depth. We pay meticulous attention to details and intricate shapes with simplicity and minimalism, so there’s something that will suit every customer’s preference. This, coupled with our expert fashion team, leaves not a single space where we’re not putting our best foot forward. And of course- it’s all for YOU!


Our extraordinarily gorgeous creations are wearable and sophisticated, matching the global sartorial standards on every level. The collections are designed to convey a modest feeling of diverse sensuality and complexity, an off-hand sensation of luxury, and an intelligent play on classic designs – offering an unusual yet fascinating take on fashion, personal style, and clothing to the highest degree.

There are also some implicit objectives in the pieces we offer. The womenswear is designed to give a sense of confidence to women like nothing else will, while the men’s collection is intended to invoke sensitivity among men. This reveals our persistent endeavors towards creating an impact that extends beyond the world of fashion (and through unbridled dedication, more efforts, and a whole lot of support from your end, we will!)

In this technologically advanced day and age where we are the recipients of an overload of information, consuming various forms of social media where underwhelming clothes exclusively designed to appeal to the population’s insatiable desire for instant gratification is sold, it’s surprising that fashion that necessitates thoughtfulness survives. But we’re glad that it does.

There is still a large group of consumers who still value the complexities of smartly designed fashion and care about its meaning, and we know it starts with you, the fashionable reader, desiring to exude the luxury and beauty within you!

All in all, Bentley Fortune is a product of thoughtful planning that was targeted to pave the way for a new take on fashion- a fun and scintillating one! We reinvent with each passing season, yet the sanctity of our vision and the foundation upon which the label was founded remains intact. And this is our biggest personal achievement.