Bentley Fortune Internship Program

About Us

Bentley Fortune is a lifestyle brand that creates products for the creative, innovative, forward-thinking individual who likes to be different and stand out from the crowd. At Bentley Fortune, we are passionate about every aspect of producing our products. From the concept to the design to the manufacturing process, we ensure every step meets our company values and standards.

Most importantly, what differentiates us, is the feeling our customers get when they wear our pieces. We want to remind them of their innate abundant fortune and remind them to keep dreaming and creating.


Our vision behind launching the Bentley Fortune brand is to incorporate an element of excitement and creativity into an otherwise regular fashion piece. 


Our objective is to give every person their own TASTE & FELLING OF ROYALTY which each experience and interaction with the brand. 


“Made to wear”




The Bentley Fortune internship program allows students and volunteers that are passionate and interested in the field of business, an environment to grow their career and connect with their passion through experienced mentorship and guidance that helps with skill discovery and development. 

We offer our interns the opportunity to work and learn in several areas of the organization including marketing, operations, sales, graphic design, web design, and customer service. We balance hands-on real-life experiences, and having fun. We also offer Bootcamp Business Development one-on-one or group sessions with our interns. 

We have a seamless internship onboarding system. After interested applicants apply for an internship placement, they are then interviewed, accepted, and placed with an experienced department head within the organization based on the goals of the intern. Placements are also made based on the needs of the business and areas of opportunity. 

Web-based time tracking is available for all of our interns. This allows interns to document their time, date, hours and record notes on their daily duties for compliance with their area of study and school program. 


Interns can apply at the link below:

[email protected] 

Call: 1-800-480-5450